Back in the Business World!

I would like to start with a HUGE thanks to everyone who has ever shown me any support to start all over again with my photography business.

I have been back and forth, ever since I lost my "passion drive" with the huge economy downfall back in 2008.

It's not been easy to support myself just on photography, so it all has become just a hobby, and that is when I got to the point where I was required to pay others for my services, that is when I decided stop trying and lost it all.

However, that kind of sabbatical was not only needed to refresh my prospective on life but it has slowly helped me to recover from many previous disappointments. Now, with my new equipment and thirst for something I was born to do, I have kicked the boredom bucket and decided to start all over. New website, new images, new me.

Please keep your fingers crossed, there is still a long way ahead to become your favorite photographer in Colorado!

Again, thank you, I could not have done it without you.

Kiwi popsicle

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