I Can Freeze Time... What Is Your Superpower?

As a little girl, and who am I kidding, I still do that, I wished to have a superpower. I wanted to be able to understand animals, travel in time or from one place to another just by snapping my fingers, or I wanted to be able to play any instrument ever created. Instead I got this super urge to try to capture something, what will always be cherished by others, too, not only me. The first time I picked up a camera was when I was about 8 years old. The camera was Lomo SMENA 8M 35mm, of Soviet origin. I wish I still had it... The pictures are still something to admire given the low quality of the compact machine.

However, I do not recall what I took pictures of, not many, I assume. Back then, it was really something for us to even own a camera, therefore I am sure my mom would not let me touch it without supervision, if even that. When I was about 12, I got a new camera for Christmas. And I still have the very first picture I have taken with it! My brother thanking mom for a present he got (no idea what that might have been). He is a somewhat reserved man, so seeing this in real life is truly rare.

Knowing that, I have decided to cultivate my search for rare moments and freeze them in time. So there, that's my story, and that's my superpower, what's yours?

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